About Us
Passion and Tradition Since 1943


 History:    ETERNITÁ

Started from Da Ros since 1943

Eternitá is started from Da Ros funeral company. It is a family company, keeping the traditions of the 4th generation.

We are located in Vittorio Veneto where is northern of Italy, nearby Venezia. It is famous for the end of World War I but also an important strategic location during World War II.

 History:    ETERNITÁ

The Respect of  life

During World War II, the founder Angelo Da Ros used to go to battlefields at night to bring home the lifeless bodies of the soldiers. He thought It was a way of giving honor and respect to the person who sadly loses his life in the war and also to his family. For Angelo, this was like a duty in his like and he did it with passion and dedication.

We are proud to work keeping the same philosophy as Angelo. We are grateful to make beautiful last moment of life as blessing his footstep of life.

ETERNITÁ Reflect the loved one.

Handmade Italy

Cremation wood Urn

Philosophy : ETERNITÁ

Eternita made by our experience that keeps our valuable experience for 4 generations. It started with a deep concern for thinking about facing the beloved who left the world.
Design of Eternità Urns is based on the philosophy that loves never changed and disappear through death. Our loved one will be forever a beautiful part of our life.

wood urn

Philosophy: ETERNITÁ

Our production is 100% MADE IN ITALY by highly skilled Italian artisan with sincere love.
We wholeheartedly hope that ETERNITÁ Urns will be a beautiful and strong bridge between our dear deceased and the family to have timeless love with each other.