Nuova speranza

“I have drawn with desiring the loved one will always beautifully be together within us”

Hand-painted by Morena Pizzol
· Origin: Handmade in Italy
· Material: oak or walnut

Material & Detail

urn: oak
art: Hand-painted acrylic

urn: walnut
art: Hand-painted acrylic

Nuova Speranza is beautifully HAND-PAINTED IN OIL on the wooden urn beautifully painted by Morean Pizzol.
She is an Italian artist specialized in oil painting, the main subjects are love and nature and flowers. Her drawing is made to bring a peaceful feeling.

The Urn box is made by carefully selected high-quality premium Walnut or Oakwood four-corner gently rounded in each face.
Each urn is unique and special since it is hand-painted one at a time.

  • urn: oak | code: A0837-1

Detailed features

ETERNITÁ guarantees the highest value

• Technique: Oil Painting, 100% painted by hand
• Material: oak or walnut
• Dimensions: 20.5*20.5*20.5 (L*W*H) /4.3L
• Note:
– Each piece, especially the art part could be different as entirely hand-painted.
– The component is urn + cotton bag for cover the urn + Guarantee card
– Inside the urn contains a special aluminum bag for ash+ Cable tie.
– The urn can be opened from the bottom.


Morena Pizzol

She is specialized in oil painting, the main subject is love, nature, and flower. Her drawing makes us peaceful and tranquility.
Before doing a professional painter, She had a career as a florist. During that time, she stays together with flowers for a long time every day, she became one of the people who can understand the full beauty of the flowers.
After that, She decides to paint flowers to express the beauty of nature and get to be consoled. She has made urns with desiring the loved one will always beautifully be together within us.

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