Onda della vita

Life is like flowing water

It can change shape and go to different places keeping his essence.
Our dear Loved one moves into an endless love that we carry inside of us for eternity.”

· Origin: Handmade in Italy
· Material: Okoume and AshWood

Material & Detail

urna: okume – onda: ashwood

urna: ashwood – onda: Okume

Onda della vita, wave of the life urn is beautifully ELEGANT MODERN.
It is designed based on our philosophy as LOVE IS FOREVER and to be reflecting the life of the loved one.

It is MADE IN ITALY by wood mastered artisan individually crafted with sincere love.
We carefully select high-quality premium OKOUME and ASH WOOD.
Each urn is unique and special since It is handcrafted one at a time and each wood has a different wood form.
It will be matched with any place as home, columbarium and other places.

We sincerely hope Onda della vita can make the beautiful bridge between us and our dear ones.

Companion urns

For eternity love each other

Onda della vita urn has 2 different types of color match.
We kindly would like to advise that they could be used companion urns.

Code: S1981
(urn:Okume | Onda: Frassino)

Code: S1982
(urn:Frassino | Onda:Okume )

Detailed features

ETERNITÁ guarantees the highest value

•  Origine: Handmade in Italy
•  Material: Okoume, Ash Wood
•  Dimensions: 25*20*21 (L*W*H) /4.5L
•  Companion urn: Yes
•  Note:
– Each piece could be a little bit different due to it is made of wood.
– The component is urn + cotton bag for cover the urn + Guarantee card
– Inside the urn contains a special aluminum bag for ash+ Cable tie.
– It can be opened from the bottom.

ETERNITÁ Signature collection