Pace e amore senza fine

Intarsia by Alberto Casagrande
· Origin: Handmade in Italy
· Material: Oak or Walnut

Material & Detail

urn: oak
intarsia: different types of wood with thickness 2mm

urn: walnut
intarsia: different types of wood with thickness 2mm

Putto, little angel is a subject chosen from the 13th century in Venezia to express Endless Love and Peace.
Inheriting of this tradition, Alberto Casagrande created an outstanding wooden urn using the INTARSIA technique.

The Urn is made by carefully selected high-quality premium wood Walnut or Oak  four-corner gently rounded in each face.
Each one is unique and special since It is handcrafted one at a time and each wood has a different wood form.

  • urn: oak | Code: A0628-1

Detailed features

ETERNITÁ guarantees the highest value

• Origin: Made in Italy
• Technique: INTARSIA with a minimum thickness of 2mm
• Material: Urn – Walnut or Oak / Intarsia – different types of wood
• Dimensions: 20.5*20.5*20.5 (L*W*H) /4.3L
• Note:
– Each piece, especially the art part could be different due to entirely handcrafted by the artist.
– The component is urn + cotton bag for cover the urn + Guarantee card
– Contain a special aluminum bag for ash+ Cable tie.
– The urn can be opened from the bottom.


Intarsia Artist

Alberto Casagrande

He is a renowned young artist of Venetian origins, professional of the antique intarsia. He loves to use the wood to make modern and also classic luxury interior furnishings, art wood paneling. The art of intarsia, drawing, and photography enriches and completes his main discipline. The passion for creative art pushes him to seek inspiration even outside the world of design and is committed, every time, to dare a sense of simplicity and adequacy.

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